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McLeod Law Group is a client-focused family law firm conveniently located in the Chicagoland area. We recognize that nothing is more important than family, and at McLeod Law Group, your family is our business.

Divorce and family law issues can be stressful and traumatic. Therefore, we take pride in being there and supporting our clients from the moment they walk through the door until the moment we close their file. Our legal experience and expertise allows us to effortlessly navigate the court system and our life experience allows us to understand what you are going through. At McLeod Law Group, we have made it our business to fight for your family through the difficult times.

McLeod Law Group’s attorneys are experienced legal practitioners who have the ability and skill to successfully litigate and negotiate favorable settlements in complex and contested family law matters, including but not limited to:


Allocation of Parental Responsibilities/Custody/Visitation

Child Support

Domestic Violence

Juvenile Guardianship

Civil Litigation

Real Estate Transactions 

Estate Planning 

Here at McLeod Law Group, we use a client-focused approach to successfully resolve your legal needs. Our exclusive size allows us to give individualized attention to every client because we recognize that every situation is unique. Moreover, our experience allows us to thoroughly resolve your legal situations, both effectively and efficiently.

If you are experiencing legal problems, contact our office to schedule a consultation. This consultation will allow us to assess and analyze your legal situation and to help you take the first steps towards reclaiming your life and ending your stress. 

McLeod Law Group: Family Focused. Results Driven.

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